Trussbilt offers a free online class Detention Design and Construction with Truss-reinforced Steel Panels which gives one AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Design (HSW) hour. Click here for more information.

Trussbilt offers innovative and effective security solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications.


Designing a new detention facility is a complex endeavor involving security requirements and building components unique to the industry.  To ensure success, your design-build team needs partners who can help develop the winning design.

Trussbilt has the experience and product knowledge to drive your team’s success.  We have a national network of partners that can add critical support throughout the design-build process.   Over our 85 year history we have been key players on hundreds of design-build teams, including more than 300 in the last several years.  And, our innovative products, such as our TrussWall® integrated cell system, have changed the industry – nearly 12,000 TrussWall®-based cells have been installed since 2006.

Trussbilt can help your design-build team at a variety of project phases:

  1. After the owner confirms the need for a new detention facility, financing needs to be secured; if bonds will not be issued, alternative financing is needed.  Trussbilt representatives can draw on our extensive partner network to help owners secure financing to build your facility and lease it back to the owner.  This creative financing approach means owners do not need to issue bonds for the required capital; the lease can be run through their operating budgets.

  2. Once RFPs are received and teams are put together, security consultants are often needed to ensure security requirements throughout the facility are addressed, mitigating the risk of future security breaches and resulting liabilities.  Trussbilt has worked with all major security consultants in the US and can help locate the right person for the team.  Trussbilt can also assist in designing the facility, providing CAD drawings and BIM models as needed.

  3. Trussbilt can organize tours of existing facilities to demonstrate the quality of our products.  We also have mobile full scale mockups that can bridge the gap between drawings and reality to help ensure a successful bid.

With a national reputation as the premier manufacturer of detention products and our experience on thousands of design-build projects, Trussbilt is your ideal team partner. Contact Us today to discuss how we can help.

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