Trussbilt offers a free online class Detention Design and Construction with Truss-reinforced Steel Panels which gives one AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Design (HSW) hour. Click here for more information.

Trussbilt offers innovative and effective security solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications.

New Construction

There is a reason the detention construction industry has turned away from concrete cells in the last 8-10 years:  the clear design advantages of Trussbilt’s TrussWall® steel panel cell system.  TrussWall® offers unparalleled design flexibility and ease of construction.  Panels are de-mountable and reusable, meaning your design can meet today’s requirements while remaining adaptable to the owner’s changing needs in the future. 

As a design professional, you need to maximize the use of space in new facilities.  As shown below, 2” thick TrussWall® panels, when compared to 8” thick concrete walls, provide the best use of available space. The panels weigh from 1/4 to 1/3 the weight of concrete block, substantially reducing footing and foundation requirements.  Sites with poor soil that cannot support the weight of concrete solutions can often support TrussWall® cells, providing much more flexibility in site selection.  And, because the system is self-supporting and can easily be stacked, structural beams can be minimized.

TrussWall® panels can be laid out in any design required while providing the highest security of any cell system on the market.   Available options include material choices such as stainless steel for high moisture areas, fire ratings, and a variety of finish options including anti-microbial and anti-MRSA coatings.  TrussWall® panels can be integrated with Trussbilt’s other products for a complete security solution:  TrussDoor® hollow metal doors, frames and windows; TrussDek®, BarrierDek® and SecureDek® security ceilings; TrussFloor® integrated floor/ceiling system; and the TrussCoat® finish paint system.

Trussbilt has a long history of working with architects to design successful projects. Specifications, drawings and other materials are available online – click here to request a password.   Or, contact our Sales Manager, James O'Hara , to discuss your project.  They can be reached at,  or 651-633-6100.

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