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Trussbilt offers innovative and effective security solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications.

TrussWall Detention Steel Wall Panels

TrussWall steel detention wall panels

TrussWall is the most innovative and effective security wall solution available for both new construction and retrofit applications. The TrussWall steel detention wall panel system can greatly reduce costs, construction time, and space while achieving the same or greater strength and soundproofing as bulkier and more expensive precast concrete detention wall systems.

TrussWall steel detention wall panels meet all ASTM requirements and achieve the same Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating as an 8” block wall in a fraction of the space.  TrussWall panels are available with 1-hour, 2-hour, and 3-hour fire ratings (TrussWall FR-1 / TrussWall FR-2 / TrussWall FR-3).  Fire-rated TrussWall complies with all building code entities including International Building Code (IBC), United Building Code (UBC), and Southern Building Code.  Further information on fire ratings is available in the TrussWall brochure.

Download TrussWall Brochure (pdf)
Download Manage Risk with TrussWall Brochure (pdf)
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TrussWall Steel Wall Panels Set a New Detention Standard

TrussWall, Trussbilt’s steel detention wall system, sets the standard for meeting the highest security requirements in the most cost-effective manner. TrussWall’s innovative approach builds on Trussbilt’s unique core design to provide a lightweight, highly secure steel wall panel system that easily integrates with other Trussbilt products for a total security solution.

TrussWall’s double-skinned, hollow metal steel wall panels with interlocking rabbeted edges are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel. Built with Trussbilt’s TrussCore technology, TrussWall’s 2" thick steel wall panels, compared to 6" or 8" thick concrete wall systems, result in sizable weight reduction for the facility, greatly reducing footing and foundation requirements.

This smaller footprint means overall space requirements can be reduced or existing space can be optimized in retrofit applications.

TrussWall Savings in Action

In Maricopa County, AZ , an entire floor in the 4th Avenue jail was eliminated by using the TrussWall steel detention wall panel system, a savings of 30,000 square feet of floor space and 300,000 cubic feet of building volume. The county also realizes ongoing benefits from reduced staffing and energy requirements.

According to Correctional News, "The new steel panel system used to erect the jail cells was so innovative and cost-effective, two companies adopted the concept as a standard product offering."

General laborers can easily erect lightweight TrussWall steel wall panels without scaffolding, forms or an army of masons. The detention facility’s superstructure and roofing system can be completed before TrussWall is installed, giving more flexibility during construction when compared to both CMU block and precast concrete modular installations. This flexibility allows General Contractors to minimize lost work days by preventing delays during cold and rainy seasons.

Although not required for security, TrussWall panels are generally grout-filled to provide a better STC rating. Several options are available:

1. Factory installed grout, which eliminates the need for onsite grouting and is lighter weight than conventional grout.
2. Concrete grout can be pressure-pumped into TrussWall panels after they are installed. With the superstructure and roof in place, all other trades can realize early starts – something that is virtually unheard of with pre-engineered modular systems.

A Total Security Solution

The TrussWall steel detention wall panel system achieves the same Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating as an 8" block wall and meets all ASTM requirements. When used with Trussbilt’s TrussDek ceiling system and Trussbilt’s detention hollow metal, the result is an integrated, secure solution that is the most cost-effective in the industry.

Trussbilt recently announced two new options for its TrussWall detention wall panels:

  • TrussWall panels can be pre-assembled at the factory and shipped to the jobsite for faster installation. Potential applications include preassembly of cell fronts, partition walls and front chase walls.
  • An advanced filling and coating technology is now available for on-site finishing which effectively erases panel-to-panel joints with no impact on time or dollars. The resulting walls are both easy to clean and cosmetically appealing.

Our brochure describing the TrussWall® steel detention wall panel system is available as a PDF. Contact Us today to see how it can meet the needs of your project.

Trussbilt’s TrussWall® line requires expert advice and installation based upon the particular characteristics of your facility. Our consultants and sales specialists will calculate quantities and prices based upon the particular needs of your project. Please contact our sales and technical specialists at 1-651-633-6100 for ordering information. You may also contact James O'Hara, Sales, at 651.633.6100, or James O'Hara.

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