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TrussCoat® Finish Options

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Trussbilt understands the unique and highly specialized construction needs of the jail and security facility industry. For that reason, the TrussCoat finish paint system offers a range of finishes to meet your facility’s unique needs and budget. Lower cost options serve well in less demanding environments, while our best product provides resistance to a variety of environmental challenges. All finishes are based on PrimeCoat’s industry-leading finish products and are applied over Trussbilt’s standard primer, PC 105. This two-part, baked-on epoxy primer ensures proper adhesion of all PrimeCoat finishes, the basis for the manufacturer’s warranty.

Trussbilt’s TrussCoat® and InvisaSeam™ lines requires expert advice and installation based upon the particular characteristics of your facility. Our consultants and sales specialists will calculate quantities and prices based upon the particular needs of your project. Please contact our sales and technical specialists at 1-651-633-6100 for ordering information. You may also contact James O'Hara, Sales, at 651.633.6100, or James O'Hara.

Available options:

  • When a smooth, “jointless” appearance is desired, PrimeCoat’s InvisaSeam system can be used to securely fill in the seams between wall panels.
  • Security caulking can also be used to provide a seamless transition between panels.
  • A wood grain finish is available to provide a more aesthetically-appealing appearance for a high security door and frame.
  • Flecked finishes provide anti-glare protection and variety in finishes.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-MRSA coatings provide protection against the spread of infection, e.g., in moist areas or clinic/hospital settings.

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