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Trussbilt offers innovative and effective security solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications.


TrussFloor® is Trussbilt's integrated security floor and ceiling system based on patented TrussCore technology. Designed for main/mezzanine cell design and other panel applications the TrussFloor security floor system's unique design is superior to poured concrete in nearly all respects: TrussFloor can be rapidly installed in detention facilities, conserves space and construction costs while offering maximum security benefits.

TrussFloor security floors feature a continuous steel truss design of 12 gauge galvannealed detention grade steel with TrussCore steel reinforcing. The floor is internally spot welded to both face sheets 3" on center. At just two inches thick TrussFloor weighs less than 12 pounds per square foot, making it an ideal security floor solution.

Contact Us today to learn more about TrussFloor's role in providing a complete security solution.

TrussFloor Security Floor Advantages

The TrussFloor security floor system offers numerous advantages over poured concrete solutions:

  • Rapid installation — TrussFloor security floors eliminate the need for a concrete pour on ceiling decking to form the mezzanine level floor and cantilevered walkway. No cure time is needed when installing the TrussFloor security floor, and there is no on-site waste or mess.
  • Single source responsibility — A single source is responsible for installation of the security floor, and the system can be installed with forklifts.
  • Custom manufacturing — Trussbilt custom manufactures TrussFloor to your specifications, so no field modification or cutting is required. Your security floor system fits into your detention facility perfectly.
  • No embed issues — TrussFloor uses welded connections inside the cell and for walkway railings, eliminating embeds.
  • LEED points — More LEED points are possible based on recycled content of the TrussFloor security floors, no packaging disposal, and no on-site waste.

A Total Security Solution

TrussFloor steel security floors are just one part of a complete security solution built around Trussbilt's patented TrussCore® technology. TrussCoreís unique design results in strength and durability that is unmatched by any other manufacturer.

TrussFloor security floors are part of the TrussWall Cell System Security Envelope. Other components include:

Trussbilt's security products provide integrated solutions for minimum through maximum security detention facilities while reducing space, construction time, weight, and costs associated with precast or poured concrete approaches.

The graphic below shows how cantilevered TrussFloor® with a TrussDek® ceiling can be used in a main/mezzanine design. Contact Us today to discuss how these products can benefit your project.

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