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Trussbilt offers innovative and effective security solutions for both new construction and retrofit applications.

Commercial Hollow Metal

Trussbilt commercial metal security products protect against a full range of security threats.

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Using the same technologies as used in our industry-leading detention hollow metal products, Trussbilt manufactures high quality hollow metal wall and ceiling products for the commercial arena. These products meet security requirements posed by a variety of threats.

Homeland Security/Terrorism

Trussbilt's security walls, doors and frames are bullet and blast/pressure resistant, protecting facilities from forced entry and destructive actions. Military installations, petrochemical manufacturing plants, refineries, courthouses, power plants, water works, laboratories, airports and schools can all benefit from the extra security provided by our commercial security hollow metal.

Severe Weather

Trussbilt products have proven their ability to stand up to flying debris associated with tornadoes and hurricanes. They can be used in single family/residential construction as well as in shelters for multiple family and commercial facilities.

Burglary and Vandalism

Trussbilt products provide maximum security for residential and commercial Safe Rooms. Their light weight means they can easily be installed in high rise facilities, and the TrussWall security wall panel design makes them especially appropriate for retrofits. Similarly, businesses may need burglar and vandal-resistant products for their storefronts, rear entries, computer room, or areas holding highly proprietary equipment and information. And, in non-detention areas in correctional facilities, such as administrative offices, vocational and educational areas, laundry rooms, and food stores, Trussbilt commercial hollow metal can provide an extra level of security.

All Trussbilt commercial security products are available with the following options:
  • Fire ratings
  • Thermal break properties
  • Lead-lining
  • Pre-finished surfaces

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