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A Solution for Sheriffs’ Dilemmas – New Bed Space through Renovation or Remodeling

As the number of inmates climbs, many county jails have reached their bursting point. The mandated relocation of inmates from state detention facilities to county jails, either for a short time or an extended stay, has increased the problem.

The result: many counties must add capacity in a very short period of time, at the same time that funds may be limited.

Trussbilt has helped sheriffs across the country solve their space problem, more quickly and at less cost than building a new facility. With Trussbilt’s TrussWall cell system, you can add cells just about anywhere. Vacant or underutilized rooms or entire buildings can be repurposed into valuable bed space through renovation or remodeling.

Phoenix courthouse, where additional cells were added

TrussWall wall panels provide the vertical security perimeter, while TrussDek ceiling panels provide the horizontal barrier. A simple metal building can incorporate these components within its soft exterior, while maintaining maximum or medium security areas inside. The exterior can even be constructed as an aluminum storefront.

Examples of repurposed areas where cells were added with the TrussWall cell system:

  • Basement under a courthouse that was formally a storage area
  • Empty grocery store
  • Dorm areas converted to one- or two-man cells
  • Unused dining facilities

To find detention facilities in your area that use the TrussWall cell system, CLICK HERE.

If you need to add cell capacity in a short period to time, please contact James O'Hara, Sales, at 651.633.6100, or James O'Hara

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